Hon Muhammad Nsereko pushes for 14 days lockdown country wide

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Kampala central Member of Parliament Hon Muhammad Nsereko is pushing for a 14 days minimum lockdown country wide due to the wide spread of Ebola. Ebola broke down in Uganda in the districts of Mubende and Kasanda in August but it was known in September after so many people dyeing thinking it is witchcraft.

After the Ministry of Health talked about it some people in those districts decided to escape and move to other districts distributing that same disease Ebola to places that never had it. Now Ebola is in over nine districts and the number of patients and those dyeing is increasing day by day. According to the ministry of health, at least 50 people have died because of Ebola and more than 150 have been infected as contacts.

Last month, President Museveni locked down Mubende and Kasanda for 21 days after they elapsed he added them other 21 days. Now that Ebola is spreading everywhere, Hon Muhammad Nsereko is suggesting that the country goes under a 14 days lockdown so that people can be protected. Like some other doctors, Hon Nsereko said people may not like the lockdown but that’s what they need. At the moment they can’t understand but with time they will get to know about it.

“Without a serious lock down of minimum 14 days this Ebola may go on for a little longer. Contact meets a contact then moves in a taxi then Bodaboda then everyone gets may be difficult but it’s what our people will genuinely understand,” Hon Nsereko said.

It should be noted that schools are closing two weeks earlier due to the same disease Ebola. President Museveni also asked Ugandans to keep being vigilant and looking out for one another, report the cases in time and also avoid going to witch doctor because they can’t cure Ebola.

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