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Harmonize compliments Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has swallowed his pride and called Diamond Platnumz a legend. According to him, he will forever be grateful to Diamond for discovering and giving him a chance when nobody believed in him. The singer wished Diamond a happy new year on Instagram as he acknowledged him as “the legend”.

In the long post, he wrote: “Speaking this from the bottom of my heart, I love you bro. It is a new year 2021. Thank you for changing my life. You are the only person who saw the gold in the dust. Today, I am well known in East Africa and this is because of you. This love is forever my brother. Everything that I have done was to make you proud. Do not get me wrong. Just sit alone and read this as you ponder on it and you will truly understand what I mean. You are the legend. Stay cool. Konde Boy and Konde Gang team love you. Happy New one Chibu Dangote. Big Brother.”

It should be noted that the singers haven’t been seeing eye to eye since he Harmonize exited Diamond’s music label WCB to start his Konde Gang label. In August last year, he accused Diamond of snatching his girlfriend, Jacqueline Wolper after chancing on their texts.

In other news, Daimond’s mother has blasted those accusing his son of not helping his father Abdul after a photo emerged last week of him boarding a matatu while carrying a sack.

He bashed them asking what else they want him to get from Diamond considering he is already getting a lot. She also added that he has a son older than Diamond but people are targeting hers.
“What else do you want him to be given? If it is assistance, he has already been assisted enough,” she retorted.

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