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Hali Sio Hali, Kenyans Resort to Drinking in the Forest

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Kenyans’ number one alcoholics resort to drinking in the forest after President Uhuru put a ban
on alcohol sales in the four areas of Kajiado, Kiambu, Machakos and Nakuru. Now Kenyans are drinking from the forests.

Following the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases in neighboring Kenya, in between January
and March from 2% to 22% with Nairobi contributing more than half of the said number,
President Uhuru announced a second lockdown on Kenya’s capital Nairobi and neighboring counties
of Kajiado, Kiambu and Machakos.

He additionally stated that these were only temporary measures to cut down on the death toll
and would be lifted after a given period of time. This could not be accepted by those Kenyans that love drinking from the forest.

Measures are temporary and necessary to contain the spread of the disease and therefore to
stop further loss of life,” he explained during his address while announcing the current lockdown.

However, liquor lovers had plans of their own as even the increasing death toll was not reason enough for them to kiss the bottle goodbye hence pushing them into the wilderness away from the watchful eye of the authorities.

Kenyan Police seemingly has eyes everywhere as they were in position to sniff down the alcohol infested area in the forest coming across a party of die hard alcohol consumers. The official Kenyan Police Facebook shared the humorous moment as they took a picture and captioned it “
Cunning Kenyans are now drinking alcohol daytime in the forest.

It must be noted that in Kenya, alcohol consumption is prohibited during day time which only
adds salt to injury. But in their defense, “Closure was for bars , not forests” Muriithi Robert

However, Ugandans shouldn’t be one to judge as it is common knowledge that Ugandans bars
have been operational even during the endless lockdown.


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