Grace Khan reacts badly to the netizens who called her baby ugly

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A Ugandan songwriter, artiste and mother Grace Khan real name Grace Namuwulya who started music way back in her high school and later joined one of the famous music bands in the country from where she managed to work on his vocals as a backup musician has today attacked social media in-laws who insulted her baby saying that she is ugly.

Grace Khan days back dropped her baby’s photos on social media to show her fans how her baby is growing up for she had never showed them how she looks. But unfortunately, some of the social media in-laws instead decided to attack her baby saying she is ugly. This has has forced Grace Khan to come out and respond to them.

She says most of those that commented that her baby is ugly are those that keep aborting their babies every now and then and now she wonders where they get the gut of calling her baby ugly and all that. On that she has also gone a head calling them prostitutes that have never appreciated nature. She said that she doesn’t regret using a kind of language because it’s the people that have forced her use it.

And she is right because as a mother she couldn’t tolerate anyone calling her baby ugly and on that netizens should learn how best how to handle a kind of posts.

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