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Grace Khan announces burial dates for her father

Singer Grace Khan has announced the burial dates for her biological father known as Michael Njangala. Former DA Nu Eagles‘ singer Grace Khan’s Father died yesterday Tuesday 10th January 2023. It is said that Grace’s father has been battling a strange disease that finally took his life.

Grace Khan is now a double orphan because she was remaining with a father after losing a mother at a young age. She grew up in the hands of relatives with her brother and at the moment she is the parent to the brother. In the post Grace Khan put up after the death of her her father, she thanked him for showing her how the world works.

“Rest well my Biological Dad Taata Webale kundaga nsi eno !! 😭
Tuziika Buwunde ‘Kyanamukaaka from masaka to kabonela then bukunda town then kyanamukaakaaka ku lwokuna (Thursday 2:00pm),” Grace Khan posted.

The singer announced her father’s funeral arrangement, saying he will be laid to rest on Thursday at 2:00pm at his ancestral home in Buwunde Kyanamukaaka from masaka to kabonela

“Dear Friends my Real Dad has just passed on now ! He has been sick ! Mukama yakamujjulula Kati !! Wummula milembe Dad @Mr Njagala Micheal!! 😭Naye emyaka jino Nedda”

Grace Khan last year 2022 buried her grandmother who she said was her rock when she lost the mother. Now that she is a double orphan she has to look after her young brother. Being a single parent and now a double orphan, Grace Khan’s life might be getting even more harder day by day.

It should be noted that Grace Khan rose to fame years ago and she has been struggling with relationships personally. She first dated with her former manager Kojja Kitonsa who was married. After it didn’t work out she fell for Prince Omar who left her with a child.

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