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God’s Plan on Suicide Watch Over Accumulated Debts

Ali Marcus Lwanga a.k.a God’s Plan is in a sorry state after his debts have overwhelmed him and his only source of accommodation is a weekly party he throws at Pearl of Africa hotel. This comes after the cute Muvandiwe Sheila Gashumba ran away from him. He is now on a suicide watch!

Sheila Gashumba’s former lover has been left to navigate the streets of Kampala since he does not even own a car or at worst a boda boda with which he could go around to run some errands. This has hit him to his last knee point.

The self acclaimed star initially lived a lavish life where he splashed money around and sped through the street of Kampala in luxurious cars with then lover Sheila Gashumba. Now God’s Plan is chocking on debts.

However, after a long three year on and off relationship, the couple quit citing infidelity on both ends as the cause for the nasty breakup. Initially, they both seemed fine as they were spotted with new people to fill the void in their hearts.


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But time has only proven that whereas Sheila C Gashumba has to fight and get rid of the claws of a “God’s Plan” customized tattoo on her back, God’s plan is struggling to survive through the next twenty-four hours.

It should be noted that, Gods Plan left the UK in an ugly way, after being deported over robbery cases. He was sent to jail for over 4 years, he served and came back to Uganda. That is when he met big spender Sheila Gashumba, and she blew the stolen millions to zero balance. And she hoped to another fresh relation asap!

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