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God Father solicit Maama Fina to drop Alimpa from news

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God Father has blamed everyone that has been and still accusing Ronald Alimpa for hurling and insulting his mother. On this he has requested Maama Fina to drop Ronald Alimpa from News. God Father asks Maama Fina to drop Alimpa’s issues from the news saying she is one of the most respected people in the country and her blaming anyone publicly leads to their downfall.

He says no one should blame Alimpa for his actions because he is still sick and no one knows how much the accident affected him. God Father says that Ronald Alimpa might currently not be in his normal sense and maybe the accident affected him mentally a thing that is ignored by everyone.

God Father goes ahead and blames Ronald Alimpa’s mother saying that if she is the real mother to Alimpa then she shouldn’t make a stupid mistake of putting him to be judged by the public knowing he is terribly sick a thing that can pull Ronald Alimpa down in his career. He says that it is very normal for parents and children to fall out. So because his child’s actions, she would have kept silent for the case of her sons reputation.

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