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Geosteady sends strong message to Mr Henrie after Kenzo-Dr Hamza link up

Following the link up of Big Talent boss and musician Eddy Kenzo with the man who took his wife and baby mama, Dr Hamza Ssebunya, singer Geosteady has demanded for a meeting with Mr Henrie. It’s no news that Dr Hamza who had been Rema’s gynecologist when she was still married to Kenzo wedded her in 2019. Since then he’s sired a child with her whilst being the step father to Kenzo and Rema’s daughter, Aamal.

Kenzo has been dragged by social media users about how he slept and Hamza stole his wife. In fact Kenzo’s fans and Rema’s don’t see eye to eye as they usually clash on social media. The two however met over the weekend for the first time in Zanzibar. Kenzo revealed that the late Sheikh Muzaata who was a notable speaker at Hamza and Rema’s marriage had asked him to be kind to the Dr.

Now Geosteady who applauded Kenzo for this maturity portrayed has asked for a similar photo with Mr Henrie. The Galaxy FM presenter is the one who had been chewing Geosteady’s baby mama, Prima Kardashi‘s beans after she broke up with the Viola singer.

Prima and Mr Henrie however ended their two year old relationship a few months ago. And since then she’s been inseparable with her baby daddy Geosteady and it’s clear that the two are back together. They have all appeared lovey dovey and it seems like their love has just been rejuvenated.

“What @eddykenzoficial did was the right thing and Henrie nkunoonya for such a pic,” said Geosteady.

It’s waited to see if Mr Henrie will heed by Geosteady’s call and come through for such a pic. It’s now waited to see if Kenzo and Rema will also go back to talking terms. However, Hamza should be able to learn from Mr Henrie. When Geosteady and Prima started compareting, the memories started flowing and their romance soon rekindled amd he got dumped.

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