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Geosteady Reveals why Relationships are Failing Lately

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kigozi George William popularly known as Geosteady reveals why most relationships have not working out as expected.

Geosteady is a Ugandan R&B singer,  songwriter, and producer. He is currently having issues with Prima Kardashi. While in a local television interview, Geosteady Said that women have continued to misinterpret the meaning of women emancipation. They have dropped the idea of being submissive to men and now they want to be men. They want to drive the relationship. He added to this saying that they are also insecure.  When another woman posts their man,  it causes fights in a relationship.

“Women have continued to misinterpret the meaning of women emancipation. Because they were given the power, they think they can drive the relationship. They have dropped the biblical calls for them to be submissive and now they want to be men in the relationship. They are so insecure that if another woman posts you then your cheating.” Geosteady said.

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This came following Prima’s allegations that Geosteady is a disrespectful husband.  She said she can stand a cheater but she can not stand a disrespectful man anymore. She says she has tried to respect Geosteady because he is the father of his children. But she can not keep silent about it any longer. The two can only be friends but not lovers anymore.

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