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Gang by Buchaman Terrorizes Bulenga Suburbs During Curfew Time

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Presidential advisor on ghetto affairs and self proclaimed Ghetto President Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman is accused of sending a gang of unemployed youths to Bulenga swamps who have started night roadblocks to raid locals.

After the president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni gave an order for homeless ghetto youth to relocate in
Bulenga swamps for a time being as land is organized, these so called homeless youths started to show
their colors.

The locals claim to have been attacked by these people in the middle of the night, they scare them and
take their possessions calling themselves the law. They even have uniforms and call them selves

On the other hand, Buchaman defends his gang and says, these lies and attacks from haters saying that these people are very hospitable and in fact farmers who also make bricks and earn their living. He refutes claims put up by the community members.


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Buchaman Life in Danger, Cries to the Government for Trained Security

Buchaman his gang aside, is a famous disabled Uganda Musician, he is not only a Presidential advisor, but also handles ghetto matters which advocate for the ghetto majority, he recently extended his advocacy to the disabled minority in the country.

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Elijah Mutabuza

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