Galaxy Fm’s Mr. Henrie Showers Lover Prima Kadarshi with Praises

Henry Arinitwe professionally known as Mr. Henrie is a Galaxy FM presenter who has today come out and praised Prima Kadashi. This is among the newest celebrity couples that has been in a relationship for over six months now.

Through Mr. Henrie’s social media platforms, he revealed how the two were meant to be even before they met. It should be remembered that this relationship started after prima bitterly breaking up
with Geosteady.

This forced her to even cover up the Geosteady’s tattoo she had in her leg. On falling in love with Henrie so many people were against it as they branded Prima as a sugar mummy. However, Mr. Henrie came up and defended her saying that Prima Kadarshi is not so old for me and he made a choice to love her.

And though that’s not enough he went ahead and gave people more reason to love prima because she is not as they think she is.

Let me Tell you about this Woman. She is stronger than most of you will ever be. She has done it and seen it all so nothing can shake her anymore. Her heart has been completely ripped once but here
she stands with a smile on her face that makes many out there stumble.” Mr. Henrie started his love showers to Prima.

She is blessed with a business mind that is unquestionable. Something most of us realize se at a later stage in life but for her, it came in timely. @prima_lusaniya @prima_tours_uganda  @prima_kardashi  @prima_for_the_women and others in the pipeline. Give her an audience to speak… She will blow your mind with ideas and insights that will change your life.” The madly in love Mr. Henrie chirped.

She is a mother. Her children never lack, what they need, they get and she will do anything to ensure they are comfortable and happy. Now those are uncountable blessings. She absolutely has no bad energy towards anything or anybody. She is kind, she wishes people well and she has a giving heart.  She is that kind of person who is always giving a helping hand to many, but with very few returning the favor.” he continued.

Prima Kardashi is an Inspiration. She is the Luminary for a new generation and a testimony that nothing is impossible. Will it End In Tears? …There are no tears she hasn’t shed yet so please give the woman a break and take your negative energy else where. I LOVE YOU @prima_kardashi” Mr. Henrie posted.


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