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Full Figure urges Ugandans not to post their babies on social media

Jennifer Nakanguubi commonly known as Full Figure has urged Ugandans not to post their babies on social media. She has said this after some netizens getting Rema’s daughter “Aaliya” pictures that were posted on social media by Rema celebrating her one year birthday and started captioning them with funny comments.

These pictures were edited and compared to the men that are said to be Rema’s exs including Eddy Kenzo and Mathias Walukagga. In the same way this was also done to Grace Khan’s daughter and this has made many mothers speak out about the kind of act.

Full Figure says that people shouldn’t insult babies because they are little Angels that know nothing about the world they are in. She says that the mentality of cropping these babies photos and putting them with other guys that are assumed to be fathers should end.

Full Figure says that many people are suffering out there because of the bad acts they committed in the previous years that can’t stop haunting them. She also says that Dr Hmaza should dress up like doctors should not like he was dressed on her daughters birthday party that if he continues with it, it might ruin his reputation as a doctor.

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