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Full Figure Goes Raw With the Entire Uncut Show Crew

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Veteran musician and city motor mouth Jenifer Nakagubi popularly know as Full Figure has
completely shamed the Uncut crew for their unbecoming behavior and ‘unnecessary’ criticism.

In her insult overflowing video, she focused all her anger and shameful remarks on “gossip
queen” Annatalia Ozile before she later angled her venom filled remarks at another Uncut host

Her anger was inspired by Annatalia’s ‘insufficient’ knowledge on the music business yet she held a show which was aimed at discussing music centered information as well as the capacity to direct the conversation.

Due to this, Full Figure resorted to insulting the “lugambo” expert as she asked her to drop her act and admit that she is not cut out for music related news but other things in which she can fully participate.

Anna, what do you know about music? You are a failed Kadongo Kamu artiste. You tried to sing and failed but you like to criticize others,” roared the failed musician who resorted to supporting the ruling NRM party. As though that was not enough, she went on to criticize Kayz as she described him as a villager who just found himself on a national television and does not even know how to do his job well.


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Full Figure is popular for always shutting down people claiming their insufficiency in their fields of specialization as she recently as NUP party President Robert Kyagulanyi to apologize to his fans for letting them down. I guess she is simply interested in putting people in their places.

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