Fresh Kid Uganda Replies Feffe Bussi with Gulu Remix

This may get away from the original motive of telling a story of what really happened on the day the artistes under UMA and Superstars  Federation in Gulu. There was a massive uproar from fans that artistes wouldn’t have met Gen. Salim Saleh, but rapper Fresh Kid Uganda has dropped a reply to Feffe with Gulu Remix.

In the song Gulu Remix which is a reply to Feffe’s Gulu song, Fresh Kid Uganda asks him many questions which he will  not answer. Asked whether it is true that Feffe first went out of the meeting to laugh and then enter back.

Again, Fresh tasks Bussi to be clear whether Chameleone was also not puffing some cigars when the big man Gen. Saleh was smoking his cigarettes.

In the Gulu Remix end, Fresh Kid Uganda asks Gen Saleh to think about the upcoming artistes too, who can not get cahnces of stepping on E-concerts. The young rapper more so, requests for help in the general music industry in case the ones that ‘represented’ the artistes did not mention it anywhere.

The song Gulu Remix is written by 14K Bwongo who has been Fresh Kid’s all time writer. It is produced by Eddie Dee of Aktion Records studios.


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