Fresh Kid Makes Christopher Bwire Elvis’ Dream come true

Patrick Senyojjo, famously known as Fresh Kid has today extended his helping hand in Christopher Bwire Elvis’ life.

A few days ago, Christopher was spotted bear feet admiring a bravo shoes company car. His picture communicated a lot to different people as people wished to know who the little boy is so that they can help him.

So today Fresh kid managed to meet his age mate. Bwiire is allegedly said to have for a long time wished to meet fresh kid.

And today was his lucky day. He only wanted Usg2000 from fresh kid but using his power of influence he much more for Christopher Bwire.

Fresh Kid Makes Christopher Bwire Elvis' Dream come true

As I promised you, Today I have met my brother Elvis Bwiire Christopher from Jinja “Luuka”.
One of his dreams was to meet me so that I can give him Ush2000… Big thanx to Bravo shoes. Keep up the positive energy towards the society. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Where you’r coming from,what you do, who you are neither your background. As long as your alive your luck will find you.
My brother Bwiire has been rewarded a full Bursary at Namuwaya education center until P.7. And still post bank Uganda limited has opened a special account for him… May God reward you abundantly for your helping hand.” Fresh kid posted.

Fresh Kid Makes Christopher Bwire Elvis' Dream come true

Fresh kid is a young Ugandan rapper, artists and musician who entered the industry in 2018. He is a well known artist whose background is humble. He has been granted opportunities by different people so as to better his life.

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However much his life now seems to be better. He has not forgotten his roots the reason he feels for the vulnerable and wishes to help them with the little he can.

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