Fred Frank Ssemakula Sendi a Dubai Conman Lynched to Near Death

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When it comes to conmen who steal money from innocent Ugandans in promise of getting them jobs abroad, almost everyone has entered the conning business. And among these, is a one Frank Ssemakula Fred Sendi who resides in Dubai and it is said that he has conned over 50 million Uganda shillings from fellow Ugandans.

According to sources, Frank Ssemakula Fred Ssendi got money from innocent Ugandans promising them jobs. Just like other conmen, after obtaining money from his victims, Frank started playing Ping Pong games leaving his victims in confusion and dismay.

After leaning that very many people were conned of their ka money, a team was set up to trace him and get him to book. He was consequently trapped in Abu Hail, and put to a certain apartment and lynched while showing it on a live Facebook feed.

Frank Ssemakula Fred Sendi later accepted that he has conned 26 people and more than 50 million Uganda shillings and he said sorry to his victims. But all that happened after hot water was poured on him, his feet were damaged and undressed to shame him. By press time, his Emirates ID and passport were being confisicated and police was to be called to pick him.

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But to all who do such games, you would first think of the emotional damage you cause to your victims before thinking about yourself.


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