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Frank Gashumba Commits Self To Being A Better Father

CEO Sisimuka Uganda Frank Gashumba has been protective to his famous daughter Sheilah Gashumba one of the NBS after 5 hosts in public all the time but deep inside him has always been hurt because of her daughter’s acts. This was revealed yesterday when his audio complaining about her daughter circulated all over media. In the audio he said if he gives birth to a baby tomorrow he thinks he can be a better parent. It’s so sad that he always kept a kind of feels about her daughter away from the public.

He says all this to her daughter’s friend Diana who he asked to forward the audios to her later after listening to him. The heart broken Gashumba says he has never been happy with any of her daughter’s acts but because he is a parent, he wouldn’t be hard on her in public. He added and said that Sheilah is what she is because of the sacrifices he made but he is so surprised that she can’t even listen to him at any time in life but rather pays him with disrespect.

It is well portrayed here that no one will ever protect their children like their own parents no matter how many times they fault them or hurts they cause unto them because even when Sheilah Gashumba does all this, his father still wishes him the best in life and ready with open hands to welcome her at any point of life as long as he still lives. Even when it is so Frank Gashumba is so disappointed with the friends Sheilah makes. According to him, these might be the number one key people miss leading his girl from thinking straight about her future and what to be done right.

When he talks about being a better parent when he gives birth tomorrow, this likely brings him to regrets that may be he did not perfectly play his role as a parent and a father to her now big headed daughter and now willing and ready to put that right.

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