Frank Gashumba Attacks Fred Lumbuye – He’s Just An Attention Seeker

Social media influencer Frank Gashumba comes out to warn Ugandans about claimed freedom fighter
Fred Lumbuye, not everyone on the Internet attacking President Museveni is a blogger.

Its been weeks since social media claimed blogger Fred Lumbuye went missing and nobody seems to
know his whereabouts, many claim he was arrested others say the blogger is still in Turkey but no body really can prove anything as per now. Even those that went to rescue him from the jaws of the bad have failed to show proof of where he is.

The Bavendimwe president Frank Gashumba came out to clear the air saying that Lumbuye does not
deserve the attention being given to him by the public, he should have seen this coming after he abused
big names in Uganda.

Lumbuye doesn’t deserve my time how could a man call the Queen of Buganda a prostitute with no
proof and expect to get away with it without any justice done to him” Frank Gashumba said in a local
television interview

Frank Malingumu Gashumba profiles himself as a social activist, social media influencer, motivational
speaker and entrepreneur, whose purpose in life is driven by Mahatma Gandhi’s quotes.


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