Former Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande graduates

Former Miss Uganda 2019-2020 Oliver Nakakande has proved that she has both beauty and Brains. She graduated yesterday. In Africa it is common that most beautiful women don’t value education. They instead value their beauty more than everything.

But with this World advancing every time, now beautiful girls are trying hard to also go for education because it is more important than just being beautiful. When applying to contest as Miss Uganda, Education is key because one has to have done better at her Form six and shouldn’t be below form six in terms of academic documents. And in 2019 when Oliver Nakakande was crowned, she had just finished her form six and ready to go to campus.

But after winning, she held on with her education to go and do Miss Uganda roles which includes so many things like charity work and education other girls on things they don’t know. For Nakakande, she was also working in Dubai and there is no way she would put down her job to continue with education.

However after resigning in 2021 from her Miss Uganda duties, she decided to continue with education. She went to UMCAT which is a popular institution around Kampala. Yesterday she posted excited graduating and Oliver Nakakande revealed that she has achieved Diploma in Journalism.

“This is the day that the Lord has made to celebrate my Journalism Diploma from @umcatug 👩🏽‍🎓 🙏🏽” Oliver Nakakande posted.

Now that education is done, fans are demanding a husband from Oliver Nakakande. Before they used to say Ugandan beauty queens don’t get married and don’t give birth in fear of interfering with their beauty but it has been proved wrong. One of Miss Uganda Dorah Mwima is happily married with four children now. Now fans are all waiting for Oliver Nakakande to be the next.

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