Former Bobi’s Man Kasiano Wadri Critically Ill With a Strange Disease

The Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Kasiano Wadri whose controversial victory in Arua municipality that involved top government  wigs for either candidates as well characterised with blood shed in August 2018.

Kasiano Wadri is remembered for merging with the then vibrant People Power  Movement leadership that championed his victory and later in a blink of an eye fell out with the former campaign chief Bobi Wine.

However, the sad news coming at Times Uganda news desk affirms that the legislator who previously ‘fell out’ with Bobi Wine is critically sick with a strange attack and illness that has pralysed his legs.

Despite ‘Betraying’ his campaign manager as alleged, Kasiano Wadri is said to have on many occasions ‘neglected’. In addition, and ‘ignored’ his former close associate who aided his victory to the 10th Parliament.

On the contrary to the strange illness according to the close sources and insiders from Arua municipality. In addition, and Kasino’s camp,  word has it that the legislator could be battling from the local African chemistry (Witchcraft) with one of his legs rotting off.

Well known for his outspoken character, Kasiano has not come out publicly to address the matter as several diagnoses by the medical doctors have not shown any positive disease for a scientific prescription.

Times Uganda is set and focused on carrying out a thorough investigation to ascertain the cause of the disease that is taking the legislator’s life, otherwise we wife Him a speedy and quick recovery.

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