Feffe Bussi Again in Embozi Ye Gulu Song Brand New 2021

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FBM boss Feffe Bussi has pushed the music forward and released Embozi Ye Gulu hit song which shall
surely take the air waves by storm. Emboozi YeGulu is a complete rap tune that you will not resist to.

The song talks about what happened to artistes when they went to Gulu city to meet the president’s brother Salim Saleh who gave them some ka money. This has exposed the currently ongoing fights among musicians over a relief aid that was given to them.

Furthermore, the song Embozi Ye Gulu provides hope that no matter what we are going through now, the situation shall surely get back to normal since nothing lasts forever and there’s always hope for
a better future.

Finally, Feffe Bussi addresses the elephant in the room speaking of the ongoing feud among
most musicians in Embozi Ye Gulu. Due to the hope of attaining relief aid, there’s been a deep split between musicians with hope of getting the money. The industry is in chaos over the long brewing


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Produced by Ian Pro, the song Emboozi YeGulu surely is the perfect way not only to talk about what transpire in Gulu, but also askes for peace and reconciliation amongst artistes.

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