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Father of singer Felista speaks about her mother

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Young superstar Nanyanzi Faith aka Felista Di Superstar’s father has revealed that he will never stop her mother from seeing her as long as he lives. He said after the two had issues with the co-parenting. Felista’s mother last year made an interview saying the father has been denying her access to her child.

She revealed that Felista has also been brain washed by her father not to respect her because when she gives her a call, her response is always rude and without respect. Despite Felista’s young age, she has been making money that is looking after her and the family and that’s where the main problem came from on who to take or not take the money.

Felista’s mother said she also wanted a portion of the money her daughter makes while the dad said there was no money because he was saving it for her education and also investing it in her music again.

According to Felista’s father, the mother is married and having other children she looks after. She doesn’t give Felista anything but she wants something from her which is not even their. He said things don’t seem like normal behind cameras like they do on television but he personally has nothing against his Daughter’s mother.

I will never deny Felista’s mother from seeing her or visiting her and taking her for a visit. But people who know me know how far I have come with Felista. We have been hustling together and the mother knows that. I want them to have a relationship but at the same time I want the best for my child,” Felista’s father said.

It should be noted that parents of young superstars always find a problem in co-parenting because of the money involved. Felista recently passed her PLE exams with 13 points in grade two.

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