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Faridah Nakazibwe shockingly reveals her HIV status

The presenter of NTV Mwasuze Mutya Faridah Nakazibwe has come out to reveal her HIV status as the world today celebrated World AIDS day. It should be recalled that every 1st December is commemorated as AIDS day to create awareness about the disease.

Celebrities are some of those who have for long spearheaded the fight against noble causes HIV Inclusive. A number of these have actually been claimed by the disease, some live with it while for others, there is speculation surrounding their status. Faridah Nakazibwe therefore used this opportunity to declare her status and it’s not something any different from what her followers expected.

“Congratulations on being HIV negative. Now, support the one living with HIV.”

However some of her followers weren’t contented with just a theoretical post. These wanted Faridah Nakazibwe to post the entire process of her being tested.

“How do we know you’re negative, we want video.” Said another.“Naye kati how is this picture related to the information you are trying to convey to the public my sister.”

With the weight public figures carry, their message towards completing HIV truly carries a great deal of weight. Another celebrity in MC Kats a few years ago revealed how he is HIV positive. Since then, he’s been going around creating awareness about HIV. Testing, abstinence, using condoms and being faithful to ones partner are some of the ways known to prevent the spread of HIV.

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