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Faridah Nakazibwe on why she no longer takes photos with fans

News anchor and media personality Faridah Nakazibwe has revealed why she no longer takes photos with random fans she finds in public places or gatherings. Beautiful Faridah is one the most beautiful and humble women in the media industry. She has so many fans and as a celebrity, they always want to take photos with her.

But last year it wasn’t as smooth as it has also been with her fans. One of the male fans who took a photo with her posted it and said she is his wife and they are going to get married soon. The news made rounds on social media, but the wedding ceremony didn’t come to reality and there was no updates about anything.

Over the weekend, Faridah came out to address the rumor saying the guy who had posted that is going to marry her was actually a fan she didn’t know, she had taken a photo with him and the guy took it to social media spreading rumors. Faridah said she was told that the guy had a wife and one week after posting the photo, she left her marriage because of a mere photo. Outspoken Faridah Nakazibwe said she now doesn’t take photos with fans, she only tries selfies while at her work place.

“Sometime in 2021, the internet was awash with stories of me getting married soon. They shared a picture of a guy and I. I couldn’t remember the guy and when the picture was taken. I called a friend to be sure it wasn’t photoshop. He said it is real. The wedding stories went on👇
Weeks later, a friend at whose thanksgiving the picture was taken called to say the guy’s wife had left coz of the rumor. The date of the ‘wedding’ came and passed by.’ The bloggers have never updated their followers.
Now, I only take selfies at Serena, my workplace,” Faridah Nakazibwe posted.

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