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Lydia Jazmine at war with fans on her praying attire

Fear people but more so fear Ugandans as they are always bound to find something wrong in whatever you do despite it being good intentioned. Songstress Lydia Jazmine saw herself at the receiving end of criticism because of her prayer attire. The Masuka singer took to a prayer just as the year transitioned from 2022 to 2023.

The singer was bound to perform in Arua and Koboko where she really put up a memorable performance. A video showing Lydia Jazmine in prayers has now been shared on social media. The gorgeous singer sold that no matter where the year finds her, it’s only one thing that she has always done, and this is other non praying. Kneeling in her car, the singer decided to put prayers and God first as she stepped into 2023.

“Exactly how I always enter my new year’s regardless of where I’m. Tonight I’m on the road,” the singer captioned her video.

Fans however decided to concentrate on her dress code and not the message or gesture. These pointed Lydia Jazmine skimpy clothing as not fit for prayers yet it’s clear that she was going for a performance.

“I thought she was getting dem back shots,” one social media user said due to the way she was kneeling and how the video was shot. “These prayers in crop tops. Lol,” another said. “This prayer can definitely reach heaven, it will be flagged for nudity because of her clothing,” another said.

Well people can be so judgmental to others not putting into context their own lifestyles. However different people have their own ways of welcoming the new year. Some go out partying, others for prayers, others to lodges and many other places. It’s not good therefore to judge other people’s lifestyle choices especially if it doesn’t affect you.

Hopefully this trend is discarded in 2023.

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