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Expectant Cindy Sanyu reveals reasons for quick pregnancy

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Uganda Muscians Association (UMA) president and singer Cindy Sanyu has revealed the reasons of her quick pregnancy. It should be noted that the Boom Party singer is expecting her second child with hubby Joel Okuyo. This is after their first child last year in January.

According to Cindy Sanyu, both her and her husband decided to have their children at once and close that chapter. Cindy also said that they have the means to look after their children and child spacing is won’t affect them in future.

“I know it’s quick for the pregnancy after my first child. It’s however something I agreed on with my husband. We want to do this once and for all and get it over with. And our budget also can support the family so yeah. I tried to hide the baby bump at first but it finally came out,” said Cindy Sanyu.

This will be Cindy’s third child. She has an older daughter from her relationship with Italian photographer Mario Brunette. The former Blu 3 singer also addressed the resolution of URA to tax musicians. Cindy said that every Ugandan who earns income obviously has to pay taxes.

She however said that they want to come to a mutual agreement with URA first on how these taxes will be effected. Beside they also need some time as UMA to teach musicians on how to be good tax compliant citizens.

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