EXCLUSIVE: Kabushenga Last Days at Vision Group a Chance to Right his Wrongs

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Ever since Robert Kabushenga resignation news hit the internet, our Times Uganda investigative unit decided to storm the streets and find out, what really happened, why the Chief of Vision Group had to drop the mic. And fasten your seat belts, it is deeper and dangerous than what you think!

And we continue to unearth many things, some that include the only tasks Robert Kabushenga is left with, to clear up his name and the mess that happened under his nose at Vision Group. In this report, we come to understand that many journalists at Vision Group are set to los their jobs in a massive sweeping that Kabushenga is yet to start.

To start with, there is panic at the mighty Vision Group as more heads and senior journalists implicated over shs3bn DGF funds that could have led to Kabushenga’s early retirement and more so cost NRM victory in the central region.

Sources reveal that it all started when Robert Kabushenga requested for an interview from H.E Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni through the information Minister Hon. Judith Nabakooba. This was because he (the president) was promised that it would be aired on all Vision Group platforms but turned otherwise.

Just before the said interview, President Museveni received an intelligence report that predicted his
loss in Buganda region this was because of the bad publicity from certain platforms of Vision
Group like Fayiiro ku Meeza which is hosted by Richard Ssalongo Kayiira and Vision investigates
stories that implicated corruption, fraud and daylight robbery by officials in government
centred institutions.

It was an intentional move to show how the ‘westerners’ evicted poor Baganda from land that they have dwelt on for years by security officials some of whom are paid by government agencies. Vision Group Media outlets didn’t stop at that but also revealed the filth in government hospitals and institutions which are in a deplorable state and showed that the ruling government had failed to deliver proper health care services to its people in its 35year term, some of these programs being heavily funded by DGF.

This of course it would leave the President with a smile on his face but rather pushed to know where
the money that put his government in bad light came from? Reports indicate that Vision Group
entered a 3bn Ugx deal with DGF to portray impoverished communities that were being side lined
by the ruling government.

Journalists like Moses Walugembe, Paul Mayinja, Nuhu Lukungu, Siraje Semugenyi, Benon Nsubuga, Pius Kyanda were assigned these investigative stories and were heavily facilitated with modern equipment like spy cameras that aren’t seen by the human naked eye.


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This turned sour as top journalists started fighting each other on who should cover these lucrative stories. This deal was likely to raise the citizens’ tempers against the ruling government which could
cost him his votes and an advantage to his rival NUP president Ssentamu Kyagulanyi Robert.

So, using his power, the president ordered all security agencies to look into the matter because Vision Group was now working with foreigners who were becoming a threat to the peace and stability of
Uganda and Ugandans at large. It should be remembered that one of Vison Group’s journalist
was arrested for leaking state intelligence to foreigners and was released without being charged.

It’s on these grounds that the president ordered Vision Group reshuffle for the next 90 days
which were given to Kabushenga before he retires, an opportunity to right all his wrongs.

In addition, we are set to see Journalists like Kulubya, Kayiira, Ssebowa, Sseguya and others maybe on their way out of the mighty institution which they have served for years. The government insists on having new blood that’s willing to serve and protect government interests from foreigners.

Keep it Times Uganda.

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Elijah Mutabuza

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