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EXCLUSIVE: Fatumah Nakaziba Asha Take on Fashion and Design Industry

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Fatumah Asha Nakaziba is a renowned Ugandan fashion designer and proprietor Tesi Fashion School
where she shares her knowledge and skills she has acquired over the years to those with a passion in designing.

Everyone that knows her can tell that fashion has been her dream for years and its good her dream came to realization. Fatumah is the brain behind the gowns donned at Miss Tourism 2017 grand finale and has equally had an opportunity to dress a number of ordinary persons.

These include, celebrities like events MC Miss Dedan, Hellen Lukoma, Lydia Jazmine, Remah Namakula, Natasha Sinayobye, Sheila Gashumba. Every single one of her designs is unique and creative in its own way since she doesn’t follow trends but just derives inspiration from life.

I love teaching, my dad is a retired teacher and that’s what inspired me to open my dream school, Tesi Fashion School. I will finally share my knowledge to youngsters with a burning passion for fashion” Fatumah Asha Nakaziba started her say. She then added that most schools teach what is not needed to be a good designer.

Most Fashion schools in Uganda don’t teach you what you really need to know to be a good fashion designer, this is what I want to change. Once you have a zeal, we provide you with knowledge you will make a great designer,’’ she said.

Fatumah Asha Nakaziba is inspired by so many people like Diana Ross and she confesses that her style is insane and tries to incorporate it into her gowns, Nina Garcia, Bogang and so many others. Her biggest
achievement has been her fashion school.

There a lot of projects underway that include the travelling girlfriends, Tesi Fashion school among others. She says Travelling girlfriends was created just for fun and it’s not something that they make money from. They travel once or five times a year or not travel at all, they are just like that they sometimes get endorsements out of it.

There is no roof to shooting for the highest star, you can get to your dream if you start and persistence is everything. Never forget to pray,’ she said.


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She pray a lot when am alone, prayer is always on her lips

She has a hate/love relationship with food

She hates going out

She is obsessed with cleaning

And she loves so deep

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