Exclusive! A Sneek Peak into Ssendi Mosh aka Mr. Mosh Political Voyage

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Mr. Mosh alias Ssendi Mosh is a Ugandan qualified journalist and PR practitioner. He has been the presenter of Cheza.com on Spark TV till early last year when he decided to venture into the dreaded Ugandan political scene.

Ssendi has always had plans to get involved in managing society and 2020 was just the perfect time to kick start his career. Coming from a politically active family, where his great-great-grandfather Latimer Mpagi was a founder of the Kabaka Yekka party, his father also served in the Ugandan air force as a military pilot, it’s evident that an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

His back ground in entertainment and journalism fully exposed him to challenges that people in this case Ugandans face every day. Professions such as his have closely flooded the political scene and it’s on this note that he calls upon all Ugandans from all walks of life to actively join the governance system so that they can be the change they so desire to see.

‘We’ve seen success stories like Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert who came from a field that is not associated with politics but when you look closely they have managed to steer the politics to another level from what we all knew,’ he said.

The performing arts industry, he says, is best suited for public management because naturally our maiden job is to study human behaviour and lifestyle, put together messages and design them to suit the people’s needs and wants. So when you put that knowledge into politics you have yourself a person that works to provide and uphold his constituency.

The political landscape in Uganda has been highly commercialized, Ssendi Mosh prepared himself well for the obvious things like posters, flyers, road drives and branded products among others. Luck smiled on him as his friends and family believed that he can make a better political candidate for his constituency. Of course it didn’t stop at that but his prospective voters who he holds in high regards readily welcomed him and supported him in this new found cause.

The country having a diverse culture of different political parties and freedom to join that which appeals to your conscience, Mr. Mosh opted to come under National Unity Platform which he says shares the same new age ideologies. He managed to oust 20 candidates who were interested in the same position under the same party.

Having lots of opponents vying for the same seat, Mr. Mosh has put in place a system that will work to protect his vote and victory if he manages to become the overall winner in the forth coming elections. ‘I am well aware of political thieves especially those standing against me but with God’s blessings and my hard work, I shall come out victorious.’

City hall politics as we all know it is a hot bed for politicians and only the fittest survive it, Ssendi is more than ready for the murky waters that await him, the question is will they be ready for him? Ssendi looks at riding the city of inhumane laws that stifle instead of empowering ‘omuntu wawansi.’

Ssendi looks at improving three key areas that is women livelihoods, youth skilling projects and promoting talent and sports at the electoral area level. As a sports lover he plans to push for policies that will ensure that all existing sports centres, call for development of sports complexes in all divisions of Kampala and also safe guard property from political thieves.

The global pandemic has not only affected the country but also individuals especially those vying for political seats. ‘It has put a huge dent onto my initial campaign plan. As an experienced events specialist, I had plans of holding massive campaign rallies but all went up into flames.

It has also heavily affected my income channels making me hold back some of the things I’d earlier planned to do but of course on the positive side I’ve managed to get to this stage fully healthy and alive. I thank the Almighty for that,’ he said.

As we wrap up, with just a few days to the elections, the tension is heightened and security tightened, each vote counts.

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