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“Everyone I worked With is Now a Star” – Mikie Wine

Micheal Mukwaya aka Mikie Wine is a dancehall artist. He came out of his elder brother’s (Bobi Wine’s) shadow and he leads the Sulubada singing group.
Mike Wine came out and said that Everyone he has worked with is now a star. While appearing on local television, he claimed that he introduced Cindy Sanyu to Dancehall music.


In his explanation, he says that Cindy’s interests were never in dance hall Music until 2016. In 2016, Mikie Wine featured Cindy in his “Number one” song which he says brought Cindy to light. In four years the “Number one” song has since gained 3.1 views.

Mikie wine also said that Cindy is an excellent Musician in the music industry because of him. As though that’s not enough he also added that even Kenzo’s door to success was opened by him in the collaboration he did with Kenzo in 2009.

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“Everyone I worked with is now a star. In 2016 I introduced Cindy Sanyu to Dancehall music. I featured her in my “Number one” Song and she is still on top of her game. She is an excellent musician.
Also the first time I met Kenzo at Wallet pub now the Monalisa bar he told me he loved my music. He asked for a collaboration with me which I approved. The “Yanimba” song I did with Eddy Kenzo in 2009 is the one that opened up his success. It brought him to light. ” Mike explained.

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