ENTEBBE: Moka Petrol Station Catches Fire (Video)

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Sad news getting to our desk indicate that another fire outbreak has been registered in Entebbe, on the same Entebbe road at Moka petrol station. Just a few kilometers from Kampala city center and by the time of reporting this story, no fire bigrade had appeared on the scene.

The Uganda Police Force has done everything possible to safeguard people from getting into contact with the raging fire flames. And according to this video and the news we collected from the scene, no death has been registered. But property worth billions if shillings have been destroyed including two cars.


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This is the third fire outbreak in 48 hours in Uganda, from two different locations one being Makerere University which had two fire outbreaks in a period of 24 hours. The cause of this Moka petrol station fire outbreak on Entebbe road is a truck that was loading fuel.

The same case applies to the Makerere fire outbreak where no report has been released by the concerned parties about the cause of the fire. Which left property worth millions destroyed and the historical Ivory Tower left in ashes.



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