Enough is Enough Tina Must Be Stopped – Irene Ntale Joins Sheilah Gashumba to End Social Media Bullying

Irene Ntale Joins Sheilah Gashumba to End Social Media Bullying

Social Media has been on it’s heels the day Twitter’s number one Sheilah Gashumba came out and told her story of how she has been depressed and traumatized by social media bullies. On the same note, she mentioned the Kampala Sun Newspaper and Urban television’s Tina Fierce for being the core causers of her trauma.

Consequently, she championed a move to end social media bullying in Uganda. In addition, and by using her loud voice, she started a still trending Hashtag of #StopSocialMediaBullyingInUganda. Therefore this eventually attracted many people from various takes of life including Ministry heads and humanitarian activists. And now songbird Irene Ntale has joined the movement also.

She appeared on her Twitter handle and posted a video that talks about the effects of social media bullying. However, in that video there are a few clips of Urban Television’s Tina Fierce ill talking about Sheilah Gashumba. In addition, and calling her all sorts of names and insults.

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Enough is Enough @Tinafierce1 You have to STOP Irene Ntale posted with a bundle of anger. She joins the likes of Dr. Jane from the Ministry of health and many more. In addition, as they go against social media bullying and Tina’s words towards Sheilah.

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