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Edrisa Musuza Furiously Pens a Heartbreaking Message to ‘Jealous and Selfish’ Ugandans

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Musician Edrisa Musuza alias Eddy Kenzo who is currently in West Africa, Ivory Coast has today emotionally expressed how Ugandans are heartless and don’t value his efforts despite elevating the standards of the Ugandan music industry.

In his letter that he opted to share on social media, he affirmed that he is aware of the hate his home people “Ugandans” hold against him and never willing to appreciate that he has written history that the future generation shall celebrate upon.

Eddy Kenzo whose frustrations have over time grown from being hated by a section of top artistes, fans and now the ardent supporters of his former and baby momma Rema Namakula after getting married to a gynecologist Hamzah Ssebunya.

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Below is an emotional from Edrisa Musuza expressing dissatisfaction on how Ugandans including those in authority have been so ‘greedy and selfish’ to have him airlifted back.

“Ndowoza mwena mujukira bulungi that, Equatorial Guinea government sent me a private jet to go and perform on African cup of nations /CAN Equatorial Guinea yeyali omutegesi. So bantu bange mwe abogera ebinji mbu Guvment endazeko nti sirina makulu. Yes siganya mu Uganda siyina makulu era nange nkimanyi naye ate waliwo Ensi ezimanyi omugaso
gwange era nga zinenyumirizamu nga omuvubuka omufirika atutumudde Africa
mumawanga manji nga mpita mukuyimba.

Era nebaza nyo mukama Katonda eyampa talent etayina buyinike. So I have been recognized before and I always be recognized by those who believe that I have done something good for Uganda. Musanyuse nyo kubanga nsiranidde kumawanga naye mukimanye abaana ba mwe nabazukulu they will make it easier because they know that Eddy Kenzo did it before so its archiveble because someone from them archived fetwali tolowoza tekisobo until I did it nange nemanya kisoboka.

Era nsaba Mukama abanguyize mu abaana bafe and that coming generation will appreciate me. Enkyo nkimanyi even 2pac, Bob Marley and Mike Jackson they are making more sense today naye Generation zabwe zabalwanyisa nyo. You can Google about that history talimba. Kale bantu bange mwe abajaganya mbu Kenzo Uganda emulazeko hmmm.

Congratulations win eyamwe naye ekyo tekijawo the fact that mbakoledde omulimu omulungi ne ministery ya tourism enamba gwetasobola kola.
Kambere Ivory Coast kasita banjagala and they are very happy to have me here.
Private jets zatukima dda bambi ago simawurire,” Edrisa Musuza furiously stated.

This is precisely translated as “all people that hate on me you should just remember that Equatorial Guinea flew me in a private jet to go perform at the African Cup on Nations so for you if you don’t see my worth as your fellow Ugandan, other countries do. I have done a lot that even your grandchildren will be proud of me when they reap from my sweat. Great men like 2Pac, Bob Marley and Micheal Jackson were not appreciated during the time they lived than today. Keep hating on me but i habe done my history already even of you laugh that i got stuck from Ivory Coast, i am happy here the more because they love me more than home”

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