Eddy Kenzo Heaps Praises on Lydia Jasmine on her Birthday

A number of musicians yesterday thronged songstress Lydia Jazmine’s birthday as she celebrated 32 years of life.  Among these was Big Talent boss Eddy Kenzo who heaped praise onto the Kapeesa singer. Kenzo said that he’s every glad to be part of Jazmine’s career.

He further revealed how he was the first person she sought for guidance from before launching her recording career. Kenzo then advised her to go ahead and pursue her dreams whilst telling her the challenges in the game.

Besides, Kenzo added that she might have done a number of mistakes along the way, but the good she’s done outshines the wrong. This therefore makes her a legend in his eyes.

I’m very glad that I’m alive to witness Lydia reaching this new age as she’s a very good friend of mine. I’m the first person she asked for advice even before recording her first song. This was after her studies and I told her of the challenges there. I however advised her to chase her dreams and she did. She might have done some wrongs on the way to stardom but the good she’s done outshines the wrong. This makes her a legend and I’m super proud of her hustle,” said Eddy Kenzo.

The two have been rumored to be involved in an on and off relationship for a number of years now. Ever since Kenzo broke up with his baby mama, Rema a few years ago, the rumor has picked up more fire. Besides Jazmine is also single although she has continued to downplay the idea of getting into a relationship.

The Masuuka singer was meanwhile gifted a brand new Mercedes Benz car worth 200m shillings. It’s not yet clear who did this for her but she was all smiles as she comfortably sat in it.

It should be recalled that Jazmine has been embroiled in a battle against her ex manager Ronnie Mulindwa over a Mercedes Benz ML car she got from him during her 31st birthday last year. Despite the rumors that Mulindwa had taken it away from her, she trashed this and said that its still in her possession.


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