Eddy Kenzo admits considering suicide while in Ivory Coast

Singer Eddy Kenzo admits he considered committing suicide during lockdown while he was stranded in the West African country of Ivory Coast.

He says he went to s severe depression at the time while he was far away from home and nothing seemed more appealing than taking his own life since it looked like it wasn’t worth a living anymore.

Additionally, Eddy Kenzo thanks his fellow artists who stood by him at such a trying time, and specifically, he passes on his appreciation to Bebe Cool who was very supportive and kept tabs on him as he said;

“I thank Bebe Cool for checking on me yet we were not on good terms at the time. His support, alongside from other artistes kept me going.”

At the time, the musician came out and said he wanted to sale his car and any willing buyer should contact him although he later retrieved the information claiming it was just a joke.

However, during the time when the post was up, social media addicts made fun of him and mocked him for going bankrupt and resorting to selling his Range Rover sport at a give-away price.

Usually, we take social media communications for granted but in most, these are people’s innermost troubles, for example, a MUBs graduate once expressed his dissatisfaction in the fact that his ex-lover had chosen to marry someone else.

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People ignored it thinking it was every love “katemba” but in the end, his depression drove him to believe that ending his life was the best option and just like that, he ended his life.

Just like the Bible says, be your brother’s keeper, we should always look out for each other for you never know when you’ll need help or to help another person.



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