Dr T Amale assures the Bizonto that their show will not be staged unless otherwise

Innocent Kafeero popularly known as Dr T Amale Mirundi one of the many funny comedians in the country who rose to fame by mimicking former presidential press secretary Tamale Mirundi has assured the Bizonto that there soon to be staged show will not be unless they do as he says.

This scandal has come up after one of the close friends to Dr T Amale Mirundi releasing one of his private whatsapp audio conversations with them to the media. In the audio that was released a few days ago, Dr T Amale is heard telling the friend to help him get a job saying all he was planning didn’t go through as he expected. According to him he did what he did that we aren’t aware of because he thought he was going to get lots of money something that didn’t happen.

And according to what he saying about this whole saga, it is alleged that one of the Bizonto members could have exposed this audio to the media with intentions of making him the bad guy in the whole settings. He says he doesn’t know why someone close could do him such a thing of putting him into shame.

And because their intentions are letting him down he won’t allow it because he also has a lot of secrets about them but he has never exposed them and they are taking him for a fool. Dr T Amale goes ahead and says that if the Bizonto don’t do as he says, there soon upcoming show will not take place and on that he will have to expose them because he is not willing to fall alone.

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