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DOWNLOAD: I Love You Bingi – Lydia Jazmine Tells Fik Fameica in Bingi Song

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We always speculated it, we have been saying it, and surprisingly they have bot been denying it, and indeed we at one time thought we were wrong but alas, we were right, Lydia Jazmine has officially showed her undying love to Fik Fameica in Bingi song.

According to our snoops who managed to jump into the most anticipated and most marketed song, it is  being alleged that Lydia din not stop from making Fik mess his boxers, but also the curvy Mpanilila hit maker Jazmine used the chance in Bingi song to pour all her heart out to Fik Fameica as she said “I love you bingi” to the rapper.

Putting the sweet message in the song aside, Bing/Binji song got it’s video shot by Sasah Vybz who made a real movie out of the sweet loving the two singers showcased. Bingi Mp3 is available for download on all music platforms and Times Uganda.


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Well, our analysis team took a close look at this most waited for Bingi/Binji Mp3 2020 that is for download soonest and by putting the two artistes on the table (Lydia Jazmine and Fik Fameica), the team came out with reasons why Jazmine shlould embrace this project as follows.

  1. Her music had started sinking and drowning in deep waters since all the projects she has done in 2020 have been mediocre ones like, they did not hit the way she pushed them. That is why she is the only one putting much efforts of promoting the song in its absence.
  2. Jazmine despite the form she scooped this second Fik Fameica collaboration of Binji, she had good mathematics about what it would do for her and if we din’t guess wrong, we shall see her stage an online concert like other female artistes have done that will be after Bingi hits successfully as anticipated.
  3. More so, Lydia Jazmine got a chance of fully utilizing the services of the most celebrated video director Sasha Vybz who did Binji/Bingi video, he gave it his all, the art, the script and this gave him the space to make a perfect cast, this helped Jasmine to pull out her best and show the world she can do better than she was doing.




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