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Dont expect free things because you publicly announced your HIV positive – Peng Peng to MC Kats

Controversial social media Blogger Peng Peng has hit at media personality MC Kats telling him not to expect any free things from anyone just because he announced that he is HIV positive. MC Kats came out about his HIV status in 2019 and ever since that day, his life has changed and people now look at him differently.

MC Kats has been emotional in public when he speaks about how people started treating him after he announcement. He even recently broke down in one of television interviews talking about how Swangz Avenue bosses see him.

According to Peng Peng, MC Kats shouldn’t think that his HIV status will change the way people’s businesses work especially for the stake holders like Swangz Avenue. He said business is business and MC Kats should respect that because no free things at the moment with the economy in Uganda.

“My brother i just watched an emotional video when yall broke down hosted by Rwamiti Miles.Bwana Katamba,Julius Kyazze was aaah “f” dancer that’s True, Currently ,He’s a business man and share holder @ Swangz.You have done alot for this industry but the World evolves ,I will not hit Bwana Mindset’s Salon expecting a free hair cut because i gave him a platform nor will i expect Jaaja ichuli to paint my house simply because i did introduce him to the mainstream.Dont expect handouts because you publically announced yal H.i.V positive.We shall forever be grateful infact oli muzira paapa leaving other factors constant i.e When did you find out that yal H.i.V positive ?Ebanga lyewamanya nti olimulwadde tewegatta nabantu balaala?The most important thing nti wayogela okutaasa enkuyanja.Yes Michael jordan is paid alot of money but he doesnt hit Mac donalds stores expecting Free burgers.He’s being sponsored by big organisations unlike Swangz siyevunanizibwa kunsonga zokulwanisa akawuuka.You need to work hand in hand with the government.Museveni akutekemu Ssente because ezo ssente za Aids weziri you wont get that money from peoplez Small business’z,”

Peng Peng also told MC Kats to deal with government and he said his children are harrased but it’s because of their father MC Kats. He added on that MC Kats should have thought about his children before coming out to the public to reveal his status.

“Stop crying on National Tv and im sorry if your kids are being harrased at school because of your H.i.V status,Wewagenda okwejayo you might have thought about your kids too kuba tewaali yakukaka.Tusimanyo omulimu gwokola taata naye abantu baavu business esigale business.Government ekutekemu ssente.❤️🙏Nkwagala nyooo,”

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