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Dj Bush Baby Needs UGX 15M for an Urgent Surgery

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Veteran music mixer and spin master, Dj Bush Baby originally known as Michael Benjamin Owor has requested the public to stand with him and contribute towards his urgently needed surgery.

This said surgery arose due to injuries to his vital organs that he sustained during a severe accident
that left him with hip injuries and difficulty in moving around or function normally for some time.

The situation got more suspicious when he still couldn’t function normally even after the recovery time elapsed which saw him seek further medical knowledge after which he was informed about the urgently needed surgery.

My names are Michael Benjamin Owor commonly known as Bush Baby. I recently went through a nearly-fatal accident that left me with a fractured left hip. Of course overtime I have been consulting from the experts who have now confirmed to me that I had actually injured some vital internal organs.” Dj Bush Baby started his painful ordeal. He says he appeals to Ugandans for their help.

These organs are not enabling me to function as normal, this is a noble and humble call and appeals for you to come and support me financially with whatever you can,” DJ Bush Baby informed.

Dj Bush Baby

He went on to say the surgery is quiet costly as he needs shillings 15 millions in order to successfully push through the operating procedure and get back to his feet once again like he did before the accident.

“Its quite a costly procedure that targets raising Shs. 15Million to have this process. If you feel touched right from the bottom of your heart kindly stand with me by using my personal numbers listed below to send through whatever financial aid or assistance you can afford. Stand with me, I thank you and God bless you,” he said additionally.

Whoever feels the urge to help and see our very own Dj Bush Baby, one of the best in this country,
contribution can be make through +256 752 217 561 and +256 786 186 122, don’t forget, a
friend in need is a friend in deed. Let us all stand with our friend during this trying time.


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