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Dictator Amir Defends Chosen Becky over Fraud

Chosen Becky was on the verge of fleeing the sharp tongues of Facebook before her baby daddy and lover boy Dictator Amir came to her aid.

The “tokyuuka” singer is rumored to have failed to keep up to a one million Ugandan shillings deal with one Vivian which attracted the inquisitive eyes and attentive ears of the Facebook observers.

Immediately the Facebook dwellers caught a whiff of the scandalous news, they stormed her and gave her a piece of their mind. This prompted her knight in shining armor to quickly come to her rescue in her dark hour as he penned down in the comment section;

“Ffena tuli Bantu Bambi ate tetuli perfect but kyona ekigenze obubi mutusasire tukola butawera okutereza bulikimu to your expectations. Bambi mwebale kumuwagira,” Dictator Amir posted.

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Hopefully, Dictator Amir’s statement shall calm the hearts of Chosen Becky’s supporters as he confesses to the weaknesses of his sweetheart but emphasizes that to error is only human, we ought to understand and keep supporting her even when she falls short of our expectations.

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