Diana Nabatanzi surprised by friends with 27th birthday party

Talented actresses Diana Nabatanzi was moved to close tears by friends with surprise 27th birthday.

The stunning actress and BBS Terefayina presenter turned 27 yesterday and was immensely moved by her friends’ simple and stunning birthday surprise for her.

Due to this, she took to her social media and posted how grateful she is for the simple gesture as she said, “BIRTHDAY TREAT. It’s amazing to know that I have someone like you. You surprised me in the very best way of putting my…”

Among the close friends that surprised Diana Nabatanzi included workmate Florence Nampijja and other tight buddies of the actress that are not an everyday food of the public eye.

This surprise party can almost be equated to rain after a dry spell as the presenter has been going through a lot of criticism and torture resulting from her recently concluded relationship.

The trails from her previous relationship with Masaka city tycoon Emmanuel Leads have become a nightmare to the TV personality as they always seem to surface in the media at every opportune time.

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Hopefully, this new age shall bring the presenter the much-deserved peace and a chance to navigate through the challenges of life without being criticized or feasted upon by the hungry eyes of the public.





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