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Diana Nabatanzi speaks about her relationship with B2C’s Mr. Lee

Media personality and actress Diana Nabatanzi has finally spoken about her relationship with singer one of the B2C’s Mr. Lee. Beautiful Diana Nabatanzi for a long time lived a private life especially her love life but all that was destroyed in 2020 when one of her boyfriends Lwasa Emmanuel decided to expose all her dirty secrets.

Lwasa and Diana Nabatanzi were dating for more than five years but the public didn’t know about it because they had no phots together neither videos. They didn’t even move in the public together. Masaka tycoon Lwasa said it was hard but the fact that he loved Nabatanzi he decided to carry it on and obey her boundaries of not taking photos or videos in order not to lose her.

But once the relationship ended, Lwasa said everything about Diana Nabatanzi. He revealed how she is not sweet in bed and how she is a thief not wanting to give birth but wants Business from him and nice cars. After all the exposure, Diana Nabatanzi disappeared from the media and took a break from her work not saying anything about her relationship with Lwasa Emmanuel.

Up to now, she has never talked about but it is said that she is currently dating one of the young B2C boys Mr. Lee. This rumor started last year and no much proof has been brought to the eyes of fans apart from Diana Nabatanzi speaking good about him on television and promoting their Music through social media.

Yesterday, Nabatanzi had an interview with a local YouTuber and she cleared the air about her relationship with Mr. Lee. She said that there is no sexual relationship between them, they are just good friends and they see each other when ever they want and nothing else from their.

“I have no romantic relationship with Mr. Lee. He is just a good friend I am their fan and I like their music. I talk to all three of them and I don’t understand why only Mr. Lee is pur on me. Nothing big, if I get a man I will show you,” Diana Nabatanzi said

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