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Desire Luzinda romantically celebrate Levixone’s birthday

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Former secular musician now gospel musician Desire Luzinda has romantically Celebrated fellow gospel musician Levixone’s birthday. Levixone started his music career from the streets where he was a snatcher (thief) and immediately dived into church with his life beginning from their.

Talented Levixone ever since he left the streets for church and gospel music, he has been releasing hit songs competing with those that sing secular music on the same stage performances and he has managed to make it no matter what. However the twist came in when the rumors started making rounds last year that Levixone is now dating Desire Luzinda who is much older than him and was once exposed on social media with her nude photos by ex boyfriend.

The rumor went on saying they are even planning to officialize their relationship by doing an introduction ceremony. Photos of them in the traditional wear were also released on social media although it turned out to be a video shoot. However despite all the rumors, Levixone and Luzinda still are closer to one another but they decided to keep their lives private.

Recently, Desire Luzinda who now stays in the USA flew to Uganda purposely to attend Levixone’s concert at no costs something that is not common in the Ugandan music industry. Today as it Levixone’s birthday, Desire Luzinda is one of the artistes to wish Levixone a happy birthday first on social media and the message is loud and clear.

The post seemed cozy as Desire Luzinda called Levixone King and went ahead to thank him for allowing her to be used by God.

“A king was born today . You are loved man of God. Thank you for allowing to be used by God,” Desire Luzinda posted

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