Desire Luzinda Attack Bobi Wine and Opposition as She Goes Political

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Songstress Desire Luzinda attack Bobi Wine as she recently converted to Christianity and denounced secular type of music following the sudden exposure of her nude pics by the ex boyfriend I think it again this time round going political as she speaks out her mind and did her attack to political figures and Bobi Wine.

The singer who is currently in diaspora has politically made satirical statements mocking those in politics who keep opposing the incumbents asserting that those in opposition are the true definition of “Greedy Politicians”.  Desire took it to social media lamenting that most of the political acts are disguising as opposition but can never at a time give in their office to new contenders despite being in the same office for a while.

TODAY I WANNA GO POLITICAL FOR A MINUTE, Opposition members blasting the current leadership for injustices and overstay while they do the same is MALIGNITY! The political future I have described is total hypocrisy. It is also a linear extrapolation of several trends on
vivid display right now.” Desire Luzinda started her attack. She continued to assert that change starts with you.

IF YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR CHANGE IT STARTS WITH YOU! Someone who has been in Legislature for one or two terms and wants reelection whilst preaching democracy… very disturbing, funny and Ironic! Does that mean there are no young contenders wearing fresh ideas and visions?  Unless one has proved worthiness, do not re-elect the same people that have been in Parliament irrespective of their mother-parties. I know some will take this personally but somewhere in my statement lies the truth” Desire Luzinda continued her Bobi Wine attack.

As the political atmosphere in Uganda gets tense,  many of the influential acts are asserting their voice
and slowly going against the opposition, we are still watching to see how everything will unfold. It should be remembered too that Zari Hassan recently went bare knuckles with Bobi Wine asking him whether he has the credentials to be as president on Uganda.


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