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Daxx Kartel opens up about his life outside the celebrity Spotlight

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Singer Daxx Kartel Omuyeruba real name Ssebunya Suleiman has opened up about his life outside the celebrity Spotlight and fame. Daxx Kartel joined the music industry in 2015 and broke through the music industry in 2016 with his famous song ‘Ebaala‘. However as years transpired, he became an established artiste and his life became public including his relationship and businesses like any other celebrity.

Dating a media personality Momo19, Daxx Kartel’s relationship life was all into the public eye and there somehow affected his music career and the way other people look at him. Talented Dax Kartel is known for singing joking and kids songs. That made some of his fans question his career and relationship. Even when he broke up with Momo19 in 2021 after their wedding ceremony, fans said Momo19 was right to leave him because his kind of music is fir children and he must be behaving like a child eve when at home.

According to Daxx Kartel, he doesn’t question why fans look and judge him for his famous characters because they don’t know that he is different when home. Daxx Kartel said very many people take him and his life as a joke because of the wat he dresses but they should get to know that he is very smart. He revealed that he performed very well in school, he even has a first class degree in Mass communication which is very rare in Ugandan artistes because most of them are not educated.

“Yes Ugandan take me for the joke but you will be shocked that a very good journalist. If i showed my papers, you may not believe” Daxx Kartel Omuyeruba revealed.

It should be noted that at the moment, Daxx Kartel is still in a relationship with Momo19 and she us also her personal music manager after quitting her job on BBS television.

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