Daddy Andre speaks about stealing ‘Sam Wange remix’ song

Singer, song writer and music producer Daddy Andre real name Andrew Ojambo has spoken about stealing and redoing ‘Sam Wange remix’ song featuring Sheebah. The ‘Sam Wange’ song was originally done by Lord Fred Ssebatta and it has been in circulation for more than 15 years. With it’s kind, it didn’t go viral especially in the young generation and Daddy Andre decided to bring back to life.

Fans have been wondering if Daddy Andre got permission from Lord Fred Ssebata himself to re-do the song or if he stole the song and decided to do it without anyone’s permission. According to Daddy Andre, he doesn’t understand how Ugandan think especially when they are spreading rumours that are baseless.

He said ‘Sam Wange remix’ song he did with Sheebah was just a cover song. Daddy Andre added upon that he just loves the song personally and he is not competing with the original song. Talented Daddy Andre said he is tired of Ugandans spreading rumors yet they have a chance to inquire where they don’t understand things.

Ugandans need to learn to inquire before they start up uninformed, baseless flames. “Sam Wange remix” was a cover song of a song I love, am not competing with the original, neither am I stealing it,” Daddy Andre said. In Uganda there is no copyright law and different people have taken advantage of people’s work especially the content creators like artistes, actors and YouTubers.

Some people’s work is redone and they usually the original owners don’t benefit from it. Those that re-do and repost the work end up benefiting from it. In Uganda so many songs are similar and that’s because there isn’t copy right. Even people have no respect for each other’s work especially in the art industry. They even try to duplicate songs outside Uganda.

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