Daddy Andre and Nina Roz Reportedly Breakup

Celebrated couple of singers Daddy Andre and Nina Roz have hit back in a breakup style. There is quagmire in the paradise as sources close to us reveal that, Daddy Andre and Nina Roz relationship have hit rocks, and the two are no more, yes there is a breakup.

The same source reveal to our Times Cops that, Andre is allegedly back to his lover in the US  called Shakira who is a friend to Beyonce. On the same note, this is backed by the fact that Andre unfollowed Nina Roz from all her accounts including Instagram.

Still, it should be remembered that he recently was following only Nina Roz on Instagram, but as you read this, all her photos are off Andre’s Instagram account and he has unfollowed her! He deleted all of them hence causing a huge tremor in the paradise. A marriage that is reportedly to have been brought down by the famous rape saga put up by Nina.

It is further said that, Daddy Andre after break up with Nina Roz, him and Shakira are set to appear in a massive introduction ceremony that will be overlooked by Black Market records, a label the two Nina and Andre sing in. All their introduction photos, are brought down as Nina Roz gathers herself to rise again from the breakup.

Nina Rose and Daddy Andre breakup

Breakup Video Here



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