Crysto Panda Reveals His Biggest Challenge in the Music Industry

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The NTV Dance Party Presenter at the same time a musician, Kityamuweesi Herbert aka Crysto Panda has revealed his greatest fear in the Music Industry.

As a newcomer in the industry, Crysto Panda has faced many challenges in the industry but among all women is his biggest threat.

While appearing on Sanyuka TV, Crystal Panda was asked about the challenges he has faced as a musician. In his reply, he said that as an artist every time he decides to concentrate on his music that’s when a certain lady comes into his life. He also said that women are his best distraction they make him lose track.

” I want to say this in good faith. As an artiste, every time I decide to settle and concentrate on my career and a certain lady shows up I lose track. Women are like a distraction. They set themselves as traps and for one not to fall prey you have to be smart. Which is not easy.” Crysto Panda said.

Adding to this, in his reply on if he can date a fellow musician, he said that he came never date a fellow musician. He says dating a musician comes with questions and fights which he are hard to deal with. He feels safer dating outside his career because he wishes to know what happens outside his field.


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I can not date a celebrity. This comes along with many questions and fights because this is someone that understands the field so well. It is better I date from a different field so that I can learn how things are done in the other field. “  Panda explained

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