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Could Angela Katatumba New Relationship be Hitting Rocks?

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Singer Angela Katatumba’s current boyfriend romantically apologizes with a cake and flowers. This happens days after the yet to be identified man currently enjoying Angela Katatumba warm chest misbehaved and had to apologize.

However much Angela Katatumba tried so much keep her relationship off Social Media. The bitter fight between her and her current boyfriend left her with no choice but to run to social media in-laws.

While in social media post, Angela could not resist the feeling to share with her fans how her boyfriend romantically apologized. She took a video on her social media platforms with a cake (I’m sorry Angie), a note and flowers saying She loves men that know how to apologize.

In a video clip, Angela Katatumba said her father fought her to always forgive every time she is asked to. And in respect for her father she then decided to forgive her boyfriend.

I love people who know how to ask for forgiveness. And my father fought me how to forgive. So you’re so forgiven honey.” she said in the video.


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However it should be remembered that since Angela Katatumba broke up with Daddy Andre she has never revealed the man she is dating even when she says she moved on and she now loves someone else.

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Elijah Mutabuza

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