Confusion as Scientists Disagree with Doctors That Have Been Dealing With COVID-19 Cases

On Tuesday, Dr. Baterana Byarugaba, the hospital Executive director and Dr. Fred Nakwagala, the head of the hospital’s COVID-19 management unit requested the government to lift the lockdown. They justified it saying that Corona Virus we have in Uganda is mild and cases can be managed firm home.

However yesterday, the Scientists came out and showed this disagreement with the Mulago Hospital doctors. This left so many Ugandans confused about which people to go with because they believe that the Mulago doctors have dealt with the Virus best. They have sacrificed both the life and time to help in the fight of the disease than the so-called scientists.

Many Ugandans on twitter are confused and bitter with the fact that scientists disagree with what the doctors decided to be done about the deadly pandemic. And below are some of the confusing tweeps with many different unanswered questions.

” so doctored who said the lockdown should be lifted are not scientists??? Someone help me to understand this!! They are busy creating the virus to Scam Ugandans.” Atuhaire Jackie Leila confusedly asked
Streek king also asked who the scientists are?

He is confused about which party to listen to because if doctors are saying the lockdown should be lifted then they are sure that they have weakened the why should the so-called scientists who have no knowledge about the COVID-19 Cases come in their way?

So who are those scientists? So doctors from the biggest national hospital are not scientists? Until when shall we be fooled by opportunists. I believe the science of the person who has dealt with COVID_19 patients. Scientists are quoting Italian Studies. The Mulago team dealt with patients on a daily basis. Unless we are now saying they never had COVID cases in the first place.” Nakito Juliet tweeted.

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